What’s Your Kink?

OK, so I have been bad yet again not posting on the daily, but I am back today and as the headline states I have something good on my mind something which might be of help to me as I move forward with my writing in the realm of erotica.

So my question is WHAT IS YOUR KINK? You can respond here to this post to those that might see this or respond to me @i_write_4_me on Twitter and use the #whatisyourkink so I can find the replies easier.

Hell, I am not sure how many people will see this and read it, but I am looking to write about some things that might be provocative and see if I can’t get some discussion going with people who might be reading.

What’s Your Kink?

So I will start by sharing one of my kinks! What is it, well the image above might give it a way just a little. I love being fucked in the ass! It is rather pleasurable to me, so it is something I enjoy having done to me. Now mind you I haven’t taken any giant items into my butt as yet but I am interested in seeing how big of a dildo I can get in there. Right now I have a 19” long one that I can’t wait to get the whole thing in, so far I have taken about 9” of it. That is just one of my kinks, I will share more later on.

So let’s hear from those who might read either here or through my twitter account. I am very interested to hear of others kinks.

– iWrite4Me


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